Das Fanny begrüßt vom 7.-25. Januar zwei Studentinnen des renommierten Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. Emily Liu, Studentin in Computer Science, und Julia Ginder, Studentin der Chemie und Biologie, unterrichten Kurse in Physik, Mathematik und Informatik bzw. Chemie, Biologie und NWT. Von dem englischsprachigen Fachunterricht profitieren nicht nur die SchülerInnen im bilingualen Zweig sondern auch verschiedene Oberstufen- und NWT-Kurse.

Die allerwenigsten SchülerInnen scheinen Berührungsängste mit englischsprachigem Fachunterricht zu haben. Für englischsprachige Kurse und Studiengänge scheinen sie so bestens gerüstet und bekommen einen Einblick in die gehobenen Anforderungen, die mit dem Erwerb einer Fachsprache einhergehen.

An dem Programm namens Global Teaching Labs nehmen in Stuttgart neben dem Fanny auch die International School in Degerloch und das Königin-Olga-Stift teil. Wir freuen uns, dass das Fanny nun an dieser Kooperation mit dem MIT und der Universität Stuttgart seit diesem Jahr beteiligt ist.

An dieser Stelle möchten wir all denjenigen KollegInnen danken, die zusätzliche Arbeit in die gemeinsame Vorbereitungszeit mit Emily und Julia investieren und die Studentinnen beherbergen. Den SchülerInnen der teilnehmenden Kurse danken wir für ihre Offenheit und Neugierde, an diesem Projekt mitzumachen.

Claudia Hezler, Notker Häußler, Andrea Linden


Das folgende Interview haben SchülerInnen der J1 mit Julia durchgeführt:

Students: Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Julia Ginder: I am a biology student in my final year of college in the United States. I attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. At school, I am a leader in several activities outside of the classroom that work with students from ages 6-18. Working with these children is what got me interested in teaching and the education system. I am excited to share my passion for biology with students here.

Students: How did you end up in Germany?

Julia Ginder: I am participating in an MIT program called Global Teaching Labs (GTL) that places students in high schools across the globe for the month of January. I chose Germany because I wanted to learn about an education system that challenged my thoughts about the United States method. I was also curious what it would be like to spend time in a location where I did not speak the language. I speak no German at all, so I have had to figure out how to do basic things like check out groceries and take the metro by myself.

Students: You know no German at all?

Julia Ginder: Nope! I am learning some words though. For example, I can now say “aufzug” and “ausgang”! It’s exciting to learn new words because I can read more signs.

Students: What are you planning to do in the classroom?

Julia Ginder: I plan to lead lessons for the 9th-11th grade bilingual biology classes. The topics taught in these classes are quite broad, covering from transcription and translation to the nervous system. I will be finding and creating useful videos in English, experiments, worksheets, and lesson plans to explain these complicated topics. I hope to take lessons from my own experience about what was most difficult for me to learn. I will also be taking time to reflect on ways to improve my teaching from class to class.

Students: You mentioned that you are in your senior year at MIT, do you know what comes next?

Julia Ginder: Yes! I will be moving to San Francisco, where I will be working in business. I will learn about many different industries and become a stronger team member and leader. After that, I will likely attend medical school. I am very interested in the intersection of medicine, education, and public policy, so I could eventually see myself practicing pediatric medicine and leading an organization that has goals in those areas. There are a lot of different options, so I’m excited to see what happens!

Students: Thank you for chatting with us, and we look forward to having you for the next two weeks.

Julia Ginder: Absolutely! I can’t wait to meet more students and teachers at Fanny-Leicht. If anyone wants to chat or ask me any questions, please feel free to find me.